Infratech Input Regulator Single In-Wall Plate - 14-4200

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Product Overview

  • Value-focused control option for single element heaters up to 3,000 watts (maximum 15 amps)
  • INF gently cycles the heater on/off at regular intervals when not on full power; Available in 120 and 240 volt options
  • UL 508 Listed & Compatible with Infratech single element heaters.
  • Expert configuration and installation required, please consult a licensed electrician
  • All components proudly made in the USA and supported by Infratech’s exclusive Three Year Warranty

INFRATECH INF INPUT REGULATOR 14-4200 SINGLE IN-WALL PLATE WITH GANG BOX INF Input Regulator Controls are the low-cost control option for element heaters up to 3, 000 watts (max 15 amps. ) INF gently cycles the heater on and off at regular intervals when not on full power. Each heater must operate with its own INF Input Regulator. Available for in-wall mounting for indoor/ protected use. Designed only for use with single element heaters. INFRATECH VALUE CONTROLS From Simple On/Off Switches to Duplex Stack Switches to INF Input Regulators, Infratech offers an assortment of value controls, to help you enjoy efficient ease of use that’s compatible with any budget. All assemblies are available in different configurations, including In-Wall or Surface Mount options, with or without weatherproof covers.

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