Bromic Tungsten Portable Smart-Heat NG Patio Heater, 38,500 BTU - BH0510005

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  • Easy Assembly and Storage: Modular design allows for hassle-free assembly, dismantling, and storage.
  • Adjustable Tilting Head: Innovative design lets you direct the heat precisely where you need it.
  • Easy Maneuverability: Anti-tilt structural design and built-in wheels enable effortless mobility in tighter spaces.
  • High-Intensity Ceramic Burners: Optimal heat delivery with minimal heat loss, thanks to the advanced ceramic burners.
  • Superior Wind Resistance: Contoured design ensures exceptional wind resistance of up to 8mph, providing uninterrupted warmth.

Stay warm and cozy outdoors with the Bromic Tungsten Portable Smart-Heat Natural Gas Patio Heater. This innovative patio heater features a modular design for easy assembly and storage, allowing you to enjoy warmth whenever you need it. With its adjustable tilting head, you can direct the heat exactly where you want it. Designed for easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces, this heater comes with an anti-tilt structural design and built-in wheels. The high-intensity ceramic burners ensure optimal heat delivery with minimal heat loss, while the contoured design provides superior wind resistance of up to 8mph. Upgrade your outdoor space with this reliable and efficient patio heater from Bromic.

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