Bromic 56" Cobalt Electric Radiant Patio Heater 6000W Stainless Steel - BH0610004

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Heater Overview

  • 6000W provides direct heat to up to 130 square feet
  • All type 304 stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Adjustable bracket for precise directional heating
  • Wireless control capable with bromic accessory on/off (br-wrcw) or dimmer (br-wdcw) controllers

The 6000w cobalt smart-heat electric heater, for an entry-level heater, is full of value. The body of this rugged electric heater is constructed entirely from type 304 stainless steel, providing reliability & longevity. The two high-output, durable elements create a Soft red glow & radiant heat for heating up to 160 square'. the mirror-finish anodized rear reflector directs lost infrared energy back towards the target, maximizing performance & efficiency. The heater can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, & the adjustable bracket allows you to direct the heat right where you want it. Minimum distance to combustibles is just 12" on the short sides & 18" from the long sides, so the cobalt is a perfect for lower ceilings where a gas heater is not suitable. it can be integrated into smart control system or controlled with the bromic accessory on/off (br-wrcw) or dimmer (br-wdcw) controllers. 6000w output requiring 240V/25 amp. 

Part Number: BH0610004
UPC: 9320688214126

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