Peterson Real Fyre Automatic Pilot Kit With Basic On/Off Remote - Natural Gas - APK-11

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The APK-11 is a standing pilot gas valve for fireplace-vented burners by Real Fyre. This unit comes with a manual on/off switch as well as an on/off remote to light your fire with ease from anywhere in the room. The valve's low profile design and black receiver box sit neatly inside your firebox, out of the viewing area, carrying a temperature rating of 175°. This gas log control valve utilizes a continuous running pilot and delivers up to 70,000 BTUs of natural gas or up to 110,000 BTUs of propane. Hardwire this kit to the optional WS-1 wall switch! It comes with a 15-foot wire harness and a rocker switch for easy operation.

For use only with specified Real Fyre vented gas fireplace burner systems listed in the specs below. Vented burners must be used in a fireplace that is vented from the firebox through the chimney. The fireplace damper must be kept open during use to allow for appropriate airflow. For your safety, the burner pan and valve must be assembled by a certified gas professional.

Part Number: APK-11

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